Voices In My Heart

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Saturday

Personally I think Kajang really is a very sad place.why is that so?BECAUSE I TAKE ONLY 2 HOUR + TO WALK IN THE WHOLE KAJANG TOWN! =.= And it's not like 2 hours for one round around this small town, instead I go around for well at least 4 rounds.
Today in the morning,I went to town alone for the first time and that was because I need to get myself something.Since the mall does not open that early,I wonder around those shop lots there.Soon after that,went to get my SUZUKI VIOLIN SCHOOL VOLUME 4 AND 5. But based on this lady from Yamaha there wont be any other music shop selling the fourth volume of the book.So, KANTOI LA SAYA!!! =.= and then taaddaaa~ I spend my own RM110++ in just one morning for this book and a violin tuner! Heartache :( 9 days of working for 10 hours a day I only got RM225.Its so right for those people out there saying earning money is so freaking hard! On the other hand,spending money will be so easy that sometimes you wont even realise that you have to spend that much for only getting so little things. D: ohmygod!!! no wonder my parents always show me one kinda face when I go shopping :( Mama,dont worry,I understand how you feel now,like finally. :D
Lunch for today are great too...I don't mean the food but the people who join me.Yeah! My darling Sylvia sayang and Ariff come by to eat together and we had the greatest conversation bout me being a Bisexual.ha ha ha.... guess that topic will never end cause I'm so in love.LOL! And the very special person i'm talking about is SylviaCham :D HAHAHAHAHAH!!! *syl,dont get mad alright?just treat that I'm crapping to myself :D* In someway,I think Ariff was encouraging me to be a Bisexual actually :p Well basically that's all I think.

Embrys <3

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Recently I bought myself a new phone.Well this is so awesome and I must say, FINALLY MY DAD ALLOW ME TO BUY A NEW PHONE! though it's my own money -.-
so yeah....I had been using a lousy LG phone.ahh....If anyone of you wanna get a new cell,seriously,DONT BUY LG or SAMSUNG phone. I can't describe in words on how useless and lousy the cell is.I'm so anti-LG and SAMSUNG cell now that it gave me hell lots of problem.

OK,talking bout my new phone,this is my first SE and it's a walkman phone.Never in my live I ever thought of me myself getting a walkman phone and surprisingly it's not as expensive as I have been expecting which included a 1 MB memory card.How much you ask? RM410 only! Just right for me for having a budget of RM350++ :D
So,basically every night I can enjoy the radio in my room without having the huge HI-5 in my room which takes lots of space in my room since my room is that small,I don't appreciate its exitance at all.

Well,people,I'm thinking of taking my Undang test on this month.Any idea where is the cheapest place to take it somewhere around Kajang?Let me know aitz...

I think that's all for now...It's been a very busy and tiring day since I start working.That means....Updating my blog,I suppose it's not really an impossible thing to do but...well I won't do it that often like I do before :x

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Well,I basically have nothing to blog la....but since today is NEW YEAR EVE,I just wanna wish everybody in this world A ADVANCE NEW YEAR 2010. :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wish Everybody In The World

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not Anyone But Me

First day of a full time work in my lifetime.Yah!!! Today I go to work for the first time :D The salary is not that high,though I think it's good for me.10 hours of work seriously very tiring but I have fun and I think it will be a great experience for me.Besides all the people working there are awesome.So caring...so funny...haha!!

Monday, December 21, 2009


okay,GO GREEN PARTAY is over.....somehow I think the mood for party is still in me :) well,It's A Very Nice Great Awesome Party! I realise if i start blogging bout the party,it would be a very long post,so I decided not to write anything related to the party.But yeah....pictures are not here.They are in Facebook.So,go check them out! *omg excited* haha....

See,high school is over too....This means the chance for all of us (friends) to hang out is getting lesser or would I say,never? :/ aww....this is sad! My point is,I'm getting to miss everybody for what we are during school days.Life is so boring without them,though sometimes will end up fighting with each other :(

AHHH!! So,X'mas is around the corner.Pretty close....Friday will be it.I bought nothing for my besties.okieee...........I'm so bored that I got nothing in mind to blog about right now.How on earth I got myself in this position -.- I suppose I should be enjoying my holidays but sadly I'm not.Wonder what should I do next.hmm....

Here,recently there is these educational fair well,in several places.Erm....PWTC and Mid Valley.So,since PWTC is so far down KL and obviously I have no sense of direction of where I'm heading to,I went to the fair which was in MV and is so much more convenient and easy for me.Well,I was expecting some really big,gigantic fair with loads of colleges booth there.I got a little disappointed for what I saw was just few really famous school,college I'll say,and yeah! a lot of people stuck there and basically most of them were just like me.Looking for a better option in life after high school life.ahh...Bet they get what they wanted there....but absolutely not me.I'm still so blur bout what am I suppose to do.In fact of staying in the fair trying to walk properly among all those people,I went shopping with VARNA :D yea! I know...not anybody but Varna.but...Thanks to him I totally had fun shopping with him.We walk all the way from one end of the mall to the other end of it just to shop in Nichii and Soda etc.and of cause,because of my dumb phone,I get somebody mad I think :x again,sorry.

Ohh!!! how can I forget to mention this - NEW MOON (TWILIGHT SAGA) totally awesome! Edward Cullen,Bella Swan and Jacob Black.........They are so cute and beautiful in the movie.The movie was so touching and Afiq told me he got his tears roll down to his cheeks.hahaha!!! I did sob a little too. People who don't like this movie are totally jerk :) Can't wait for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.Not to mention,I'm so addicted to the novels....Seriously can't get my hand off the novel once I'm reading them.

A day out to MV with guys was a really crazy experience...very weird trip I think.Why is that?? haha....see,I got a super duper huge burger in burger king from Jee Han.and he seriously expect me to finish the whole big thing and digest it.Of cause ,I DID NOT EAT THE WHOLE THING.haha........then,the GUYS went shopping.and I followed.Varna tried on shirt,most of them in white in colour :) I don't want to say why..LOL! later on.....ahahahahhahaha!!! Jee Han got half naked because he can't wait to try on the shirt.well,he blame the fitting room. LMAO! everybody run away when he do that...ahh....I think I should stop already.I can't stop laughing >.< so,hahahah!!!! will blog next time :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


well,I do actually have so much things to blog about but then I don't know where should i get started.So,let see...the first day of the week (monday),whole family of mine went back to Malacca to visit my grandpapas and grandmamas.LOL!
We reach there just in time to get dinner and got so irritated by one of my baby cousin! :X pushing the chair from the living room to the dining room and again and again and again....WHOLE BLOODY F***ING NIGHT! *cool down* urgh...
Oh! Here's the worst part of the first night I spend there.An ugly frog was looking at me beside where I'm sleeping and I don't even realise it until my aunt came in and take her clothe to bath.Yeah...of cause i got all too panic.Jumping up and down....shouting...real crazy night.Though I was tired for not sleeping on the previous night at home,I was praying I could get some sleep but it never happen.Instead,my brother and I stay up whole night looking at each other and talking.Sad case....haha!Why we stay up? well,all thanks to both my mommy and daddy and because we have to sleep in a room.It's a big room,but still,voice pollution seriously giving me headache. -.- Why can't they just get to sleep and made no more voice! urgh....Don't get me wrong :) They were snoring like a PIG!!!Wonder how they get used to each other... haih! Basically the two night I'm there I didn't sleep at all.
So,lets move on...on the second night,and for the first time I get to go to the town for night view,I went to this place,er...I think it's ''eye on Malaysia'' somewhere in Malacca town la >.<
I do get some fun for myself there.There were this mini zoo booth thing,which has lots of cold blooded animal like snakes,scorpion etc.First time in my life I pat a teeny weeny snake and a big thick snake on the same day with my bare hand.I used to freak out to see people handling these snake so easily around their neck and all.....but after the experience of touching it,I don't get scared or anything of snakes already.People may think I'm crazy or what...but I think I would love to rare a snake myself in the future.and....sorry Sylvia,for hating snakes that much before :D

Today is the day! PARTAY TIME!!! X) Soooo excited for it man...whoever going later,well,what else? we will have loads of fun!
so,I'll update my blog some other day or posting up all the pictures during the party.well,just wait right :) byez!